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Innovative Website Designs

The iTruckwebsite Platform gives our clients 100% control of the look, feel, layout and content of their dealer website to make sure they are able to keep pace with ever changing market conditions and advertising strategies without the need for technical support which translates thousands of dollars each year of savings.
 Key Features
Truck Dealer Websites

Inventory Marketing Tools

Having the right tool for the job is critical in any profession that is why ITruckWebsites provides its dealers with cutting edge inventory marketing tools that are proven to drive more traffic, increase consumer participation and improve conversion ratios more than any other service today.

We cover all of the bases from SEO, Classified Posting Tools, Social Marketing, auto generating vehicle videos along with image enhancement tools that give your dealership the competitive edge.

See for yourself why iTruckwebsites is the mose effective on and offline marketing platform in the industry today.
iTruckWebsite Inventory Marketing Tools
iTruckWebsite Inventory Marketing Tools
Classified Posting:
  • Backpage Posting Tool
  • Kijiji Posting Tool
  • Ebay Posting Tool
Social Marketing
  • Facebook Inventory App
  • Twitter Inventory Feed
  • Pinterest Post from DMS
  • Youtube Video Sync
Competitive Edge
  • Etch-a-Word
  • Custom Print Spec Sheet
  • AutoGen Vehicle Video
  • Extra Large Format Images

Itruckwebsites inventory management tools

Import and Export Your Data!

Inventory Management

The iTruckwebsite inventory management system allows you to effectively manage all of your inventory from one interface and eliminating the need for multiple inventory uploads. 

We understand that your time is valuable and that is why we made it easy to edit, tag, feature, change status and more all "inline" making your job easier.

 Key Features
  • Datafeed Distribution to Free/Paid Services
  • Integrated "One Click" Vehicle Marketing
  • “Manage Your Inventory From Any Device
  • Real-Time Inline Vehicle Edititing
  • Upload Inventory From Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone  

Analytics & Reporting

Powerful real-time analytics provides valuable incite as to how your customers find your site, which keywords they used, what time of day they like to shop, what pages they viewed during their visit, which device they are using to view your site and much more.

Having access to that data allows you to strategically adjust PPC campaigns, on site advertising and incentives to increase consumer participation and ultimately lead generation.
Visitor Information
  • Real-time visitor tracking
  • Visits
  • Unique visitors
  • Actions
  • Actions per visit
  • Bounce rate
  • Time of visit
  • List of keywords
  • List of external websites
  • IP address
  • Device used
  • Referring site
Truck Website Vehicle Analytics and statistics Visitor Information
  • Vehicle statistics
  • Clicks
  • Views
  • Leads
  • Referring sites
  • Traffic Source
  • Heat Map
  • Generate Reports


Truck Website Analytics and Reporting

iTruckwebsites Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

iTruckWebsite integrated our CRM not only with phone, but SMS and Live chat. We provide your dealership with instant visibility of who is contacting your dealership, by integrating data to the CRM in real-time your inbound and outbound phone calls, emails, livechat and SMS communication with clients are stored directly into the CRM.

Our staff is dedicated to your business needs for managing and scheduling of incoming and outbound calls, Mass-eMail marketing, Voicemail Broadcast and SMS delivery services.
Itruckwebsite CRM Key Features
  • Make and receive phone calls from CRM
  • Send and receive SMS messages from CRM
  • Create custom email templates
  • Auto reponder emails
  • Attach custom print spec sheets to emails
  • Attach multiple vehicles to an email from the CRM
  • Upload and store digital assets
  • Oversee your sales staff from admin dashboard
  • Import existing contacts
  • Set up call routing rules 
  • Import leads from other services using (ADF1.0)
  • and much more....



One of the main benefits is that e-Magazines are easier to share and distribute. Your customers can subscribe and have it proactively delivered to their inbox.It can also be embedded on your website, saved to a USB Drive, copied to DVD, or simply printed and handed to a customer in your showroom. 

You can also share your brochures on social networks e.g

e-Magazine Advantages:
  • Tremendous savings on print, distribution and postage costs
  • Recoup your print customers and increase your sales
  • Realistic 3D page turning shows only your inventory not other dealers / competitors
  • Negotiate lower print cost with your print publications
  • The most eco-friendly way to communicate
  • Print it, save it to flash drive or email it to increase your sales
  • E-Publishing of any number and size of pages with fast

Download Sample download sample emagazine

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